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Expiry dating

Let me tell you about travelling. It’s lonely.

To be ready, jet-set at the drop of an Expedia confirmation may seem like a cool job, and if I have to think about it, it really is. But ask me how I feel and I’ll tell you that “I don’t know, I don’t have the time to consider these things” because it’s easier to pretend that too much is going on in my life than to admit that I am completely, emotionally wrung dry.

You basically take your usual hipster non-committal nonchalance and put a giant, erratic, ticking clock on every relationship (romantic or otherwise), multiplying any sense of isolation ten-fold.

I meet someone. And I have to declare:

“There’s only one thing you need to know about me. And that is.
I will leave you
– unwillingly.”

Which usually lends to the other person behaving in one or two ways:

1. Like a total dick. The I can do whatever the fuck I want with you. It doesn’t matter. You’re leaving anyway.


2. In fear of attachment. Making it known that I’m not going to emotionally invest in you. Cold and infrequent.

They both suck.

When you operate every day knowing that someone you’ll grow to care for and like is actively suppressing your significance in their life, it FUCKING SUCKS.

When you relate to people knowing that you are merely transient, not important in their grand scheme of things, well, it essentially nulls the point of relating at all.

It makes me feel like shit.

So you have a good cry and chalk it up to the experience, the situation, the occupational hazard and move on to the next city.
And then you have to do it AGAIN.

So for people to assume that I’m always running away from something, taking the easy way out, that it’s always easier to leave than to be left behind… no.
It’s not that. Ultimately, I do have a choice.
It’s just that no-one has given me a reason to stay.
Not even tried.

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  • Ben

    what would happen if you met a boy in exactly the same predicament? would you fall madly in love, would you not make it past the second date or would the world explode?

  • Anonymous

    I’d try to have fun and make the most of whatever time we had instead of self-sabotaging.

  • Clark

    What do you do, Joey?

  • Raymitheminx

    why come we are living the exact same lives right now in different cities? i will hunt you down soon. with love.

  • Anonymous

    I travel all around the west coast of the US slowly losing my mind.

  • Anonymous

    My door’s always open for you.

  • Nancy Y Chen

    I know exactly how you feel, like 100%. Moving from city to city, having shitty non-committal relationships. nice post.