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Will you still love me, tomorrow?

I don’t believe that women want meaningful relationships with men to take
from them.

Like his independence or his individuality.
But to


Nice things.
Things like his favourite snack, a soft surface,
compliments and good head.

She just wants to know if you’d like those things from her and whether it’d be ok to do it again tomorrow.

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  • Kris

    Damn right.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you agree. I now have a sample size of 2 to back this claim up.

  • Ben

    That’d make more sense if it read ‘I don’t think women SEEK meaningful relationships with men IN ORDER TO take from them’.

    and then subsequently, the third person would have to be plural – ‘like THEIR independence or THEIR individuality’.

    But I get what you mean, and I hope you’re right.

  • Anonymous

    What a buzzkill, Ben. Way to go. Have a nice day.