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I suffer from the spotlight effect.

I am deeply egocentric. I can guarantee you that I can and often do spin, twist and wry any event as a manifestation of the universe and its people unto, because and about me. Also, I believe that I am being watched and scrutinized by others.

Frankly, this is simply untrue.

“Indeed, close inspection reveals frequent disparities between the way we view our performance… and the way it is actually seen by others.” (Gilovich et al., 2000)

“I think you’re crazy” – Michelle

I need to let go of it. At least some.

Gilovich, T., Medvec, V. H. & Savitsky, K. (2000). The Spotlight Effect in Social Judgement: An Egocentric Bias in Estimates of the Salience of One’s Own Actions and Appearance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 78 211-222.

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