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Naughty Girl

When I learnt how to spell, and subsequently had to tell others how to spell my surname – a near impossible one to pronounce – my father would explicate it as such: “En Gee, like Naughty Girl“. It was funny then. When I was three turning four.

Pubescence hit and my dad transitioned into scolding me with “Joey Ng! En Gee. No Good!”

Now that I’m twenty four, neither of them seem quite appropriate when conducting business over the phone, spelling out my e-mail address or life at large. I’ve resorted to “Nancy George” which I believe is Anglo-Saxon enough to comprehend across the board. Although, not without slight hesitation; I find myself stopping short of saying something awkwardly sexual or self-deprecating. Ideally, the English-speaking world will progress to a state of cultural awareness where the Ngs within it need no further explanation.

Or I could shack up with a Smith.

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