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Paradise Cove

Drove from the East side through Malibu Canyon to Paradise Cove so we could dip our toes in the sand.

Yea, beach stuff!

How does the pianist get up there?

Shrimp, spicy calamari, and beef tacos! I know how when you’re by the sea, you feel like the fish taco is the way to go but the beef one beat out all the others here. Marinated in sweet barbecue sauce. The rest of the food was meh-er than meh, but we really came here for the beach not brunch.

Halloween pumpkin friend

We’re living a real life Corona commercial

Rough life around these parts

Was wearing a tee and jeans to the beach. Bad call. Turned the tee into a makeshift toga.

Destinee, what a dream girl.

Paint dabbled belt

Most Californian Canadian I know

Yes, we came all the way out here just to sit in the sun. Total beach bums, such bliss!
I guess LA ain’t so bad.

Wish you were here.

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