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If you mean well,
be kind.

I think people are fairly cognisant of what’s going on, what’s going wrong with their lives.
It’s the common complaint of a mother’s lament. She calls.
And she makes you feel like shit.
I mean, she means well.
But she’ll point out all the things
All the things you already know aren’t quite right
All the things that you wish you could make your momma proud of
But aren’t
right now, not yet.

You should be making more money
You should be with a man who deserves you,
instead of letting him allowing yourself to be,
continue to be hurt by him.
You should call more often.
No, fuckit, see your fucking parents more often.
You should do better.

You were supposed to do better.
And you can, y’know

You know.

So when someone who is supposed to care
shows they care by pointing out the things you
I guess, were perhaps, maybe even embarrassed to acknowledge
or in the very least trying to shelve.
doesn’t help.

I think
if you mean well, be kind.
If you care, then help them feel better
not worse about themselves.
And I don’t mean that you should lie
or enable a bad situation to get worse but
take a step back and ask what you can do to make the other person feel

Cuz usually, I don’t think people turn to those they love
for advice
for a better understanding of themselves,
I think they mostly want to feel loved.

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