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Fat pigs at Fat Spoon

If you thought I did much else other than work and eat, you’d be wrong.

Three little piggies went to Little Tokyo after reading The Minty’s post on Fat Spoon during it’s opening week.

Specialising in Japanese style curry, pasta, and salad.

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Chilli oil, pickled onions, pickled daikon

Spaghetti Carbonara. I love Japanese style pastas because they pack a ton of flavour in a much lighter form in comparison to regular Italian fare. I don’t know what the change in recipe is, but it feels less heavy, hearty, and carbicide-y. Just the right amount of creamy cheesiness.

I ordered a side of the sauteed mushrooms. They were pretty bland and dry so I dumped them into my pasta dish. Only disappointing item, though. Rest of the food was fab.

Seafood curry. Love the roasty sweetness to the sauce.
Now for the REAL reason why we came…

Ice cream sundae with LOTTE KOALA COOKIES!!! How cute is this? AND they put strawberry pocky in it, too.
Too cute. To. Die.

Fat Spoon
329 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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G-Shock x Krink
Craig Costello Exhibit: Spray Paint The Walls

G-Shock collaboration with Krink – the DW-6900KR-8JR.

Launched with an art exhibit by Craig Costello at 18 Wooster – Spray Paint the Walls.

With Wendy Lam [], recently connected with her again in NYC for the first time in years.
Known this little miss for over a decade! Looking like a cutie pie in her American Apparel wool cape.

Susie G with her new 21 Jump Street bob haircut and friend, Clay Murphy.

I miss wearing these sequined shorts. Always accessorize with psychosis.

Lucky number 3.

Adorable baby girl. Have been noticing a lot of parents in the art crowd bringing their kids along. Coolest toddlers ever.

Band of beer.

CREEP killing it with their performance. Moody and enchanting within the painted space.

Lauren Dillard of CREEP. Skeleton leggings? Yes!


Kevin Leong [Fold Your Paper] and his baby, Change the Pomeranian. She was fresh out from the groomers. Can’t handle the cute.

Susie G shooting Soba Eshima from alife.

According to Susie G, we had infiltrated Babe Fort Knox that evening. Mmhmm.

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