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Society Girl Porn

That’s what my friend, Charles, referred to it as. It being my former blog. From whence some of you have come to this new trick. It’s a little different, even if the girl in the photos looks the same.

I’ve received e-mails, DMs, wall posts asking why I shut zucket down or if it’s gone for good. I don’t know if I’ll ever bring it back but for now, I’d like to move on.

Sass as an alter-ego and the whole ‘society girl porn’ malarky was a fantasy.
Most importantly, it was supposed to be fun.
Until there were too many people who weren’t in on the joke.
Myself included.

Sass partied too hard and drank too much with her DJ/promoter/band/server/model/blogger/actor/hotyoungbabescenester friends, dated disastrously, only ate in the late afternoon and over-shared every bit of it. For years.

Joey in the mean time made a habit of biking to several events every day, stayed sober, said hi to a few friends, took hundreds of photos, posed for them, scolded her pretty loves for doing bumps on keys in bathroom stalls, for smoking even, failed at every relationship, went home alone, edited photos, attempted to be witty, stayed on top of several social mediums, became increasingly annoyingly archival and stats obsessed, constantly explained and excused it all while working at an ad agency full time, a retail store part time and freelancing, busting each ass cheek trying to overachieve.

Did I meet many of my favourite people in the world because of it? Yes, gratefully.
Did I score swag, privileged access, cash and cheques? Yes, just enough.
Did I learn much along the way? Yes, I’d like to think so.
Did I enjoy writing it? Yes, of course.
Do I miss it? A little.

I’m trying.
I’m glad you’re still here.


Your girl

Images from: Carl W. Heindl, Cobrasnake, Kyle Hutton, Last Night’s Party, Matthew Broszkowski, Shark vs. Bear, TakeMorePhotos. The Paper Camera, (2007-2010).

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Craig and I locked wide eyes ESP’ing to each other: “Who is this piece of gorgeous and can I keep it please, Mommy, please?”.

I shook his hand, he held it. Apparently I knew this man. Apparently, I had fed him scotch on Halloween. Tiny bottle of Macallan twelve. Now I remember – he was dressed as a mummy, a toilet-paper-something-or-other. How could I have possibly known he was this dreamy underneath it all?

He took off his jeans, put a new pair on and left. Left me flustered.

He, Mike Billington, draws, paints and makes me laugh.

He has a book which you can purchase at Art Metropole.
And below, you’ll find more reasons why I find him adorable.

Mike Billington
Official Website:
Blog [drawings]:
Tumblr [paintings]:

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