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Craig and I locked wide eyes ESP’ing to each other: “Who is this piece of gorgeous and can I keep it please, Mommy, please?”.

I shook his hand, he held it. Apparently I knew this man. Apparently, I had fed him scotch on Halloween. Tiny bottle of Macallan twelve. Now I remember – he was dressed as a mummy, a toilet-paper-something-or-other. How could I have possibly known he was this dreamy underneath it all?

He took off his jeans, put a new pair on and left. Left me flustered.

He, Mike Billington, draws, paints and makes me laugh.

He has a book which you can purchase at Art Metropole.
And below, you’ll find more reasons why I find him adorable.

Mike Billington
Official Website:
Blog [drawings]:
Tumblr [paintings]:

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