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What Albert Einstein taught me about love

This is my dog. It is a boy dog and his name is Albert Einstein.
I rescued him from the Harlem Animal Care & Control Center on August 18th because he was cute and he was going to die if I didn’t.

At first, he was meant to be a foster. We’d have him for a few weeks until he’d find a forever home but he was so well behaved and adorable, we decided to adopt him.

I love our dog. Chris loves our dog. Although, I am pretty sure that Chris loves our dog more than I love our dog.

This is my relationship with the dog. I don’t wake up in the morning to take it for a walk – Chris does that. I feed him. He’ll scratch at the door and I’ll let him into the room but he’s not allowed on the bed.

I say a few things like:

“Hello you are dog!”
“You are so cute!”
“Who’s a fluffy nutter? Albie!”

I make sure his vet and food costs are taken care of. That he is clean and warm and walked at appropriate intervals. That’s about it. That’s as far as my love goes.

Chris takes him out about 90% of the time (thank you). He sleeps with the dog. He talks about loving our dog so much and how that is why he knows he’s capable of loving, which in turn must mean that he’s not a bad person.

I think Chris loves our dog so much because our dog loves him back unconditionally. Albert’s needs are very simple. His job is to be cute and loving. That is it.

There is a point to this. My thoughts are, that it’s very easy for a man to love you. Make him feel like a better man, make sure that you love him a fuck ton, but especially, don’t be demanding with your love. Emphasis on the last part of that sentence.

Be simple and sweet.

But who wants to be simple?

That is why I’m glad I have a dog.

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When one half


to its other.

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Thunder buddies for life

If you’re unhappy with the way things are going (which I was), don’t look at your available options and settle for the least of all evils. Go ahead and do your favourite fucking thing. Figure out what that is because until you do, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It will eat at you, dull you, little by little.

I? Moved in with this guy, Chris Reed.
In New York, New York. Whoop!

For the first time in 3 years, I have my name on a lease. Keys I won’t have to return in a matter of weeks, a mailing address that doesn’t belong to a factory, and a bed. My bed.
I have all my things.
I get to wake up and come home to my very own little version of family.

We had a housewarming party on Canada day.

You can tell this is a social media required household.

We had the pleasure of hosting many a special Canadian guest. Meredith drove across the border for the first time!

Lacee made us couscous salad and Destinee did my nails. No one taught me how to use an old point and shoot camera properly.

Handsome boy, Rocky Li of Internet Fame. Never not hard.

Goth gurlz.

Post-teen heartthrobs. I found Austin in a Five Guys burger joint holding an American Apparel shopping bag last year.

And because this city is the greatest, I’ve found many more friends and they all dranks beers on our roof.

Come over sometime.

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Tell-all Tuesdays:
Please Don’t askfor

You ask, I tell. Selection of questions posted on Tuesdays.

these look great! did you use film or digital for the i love toronto set?

Film – 35mm Olympus Mju II. A present my mother gave to me when I was 14.

Are you ever going to sing us a song again? I remember you did a lovely version of “I’ll never break your heart” – any plans to record another, perhaps for Christmas?

Maybe Christmas, maybe sooner. I don’t know how I feel about singing online anymore

What is your preferred way to spend a (non-working) day – after sleeping in of course?

Ideally, brunch with friends and a lot of laughing. A bit of shopping followed by a nap. Dinner before seeing a band. Drinking, dancing, and lots of making out.

What is your attitude towards sex? Do you experiment?

1. Try anything once 2. With a trustworthy and willing partner. 3. Enjoy yourself.

Are you happy?

I generally like to answer this question in jest with “I don’t have the time to think about whether I’m happy!”. But if I’m going to be honest, then yea, probably more so than I have been in a while. 

Not to say that my life is all double rainbows and bacon wrapped dates but it’s certainly much more interesting and productive.

drugs, or hugs? Don’t lie princess…


Got a question for me? Ask away here.

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Happy Birthday
Brendan Truong

We had dim sum at Golden Unicorn for Brendan Truong’s birthday.

We have no idea who Brendan Truong is.

We celebrated anyway.
We celebrate every day.

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