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Diesel Summer Denim
The Powder of Diesel

Diesel showcased their feminine, make-up inspired Summer collection at their Lexington & 60th store.

Fresh colours, bleached splatters, and ‘The Jean that Kate Middleton Wore’.

Every girl knows you’ve got to try on at least a dozen pairs (if not more) before you find the right one. Pretty PR girls, fashion editors, and bloggers had loads of fun testing out fits and washes.

Susie G trendstarting the dropped-crotch pinstripe jeans for the evening.

Patrick, Diesel’s denim buyer, was on hand to help us with our picks.

Make Up Forever gave mini-makeovers to complement the denim line’s cosmetics influences.

I fell for their intense orange lippy.

Cory Kennedy brought along friends and caught up with Nylon editor, Dani Stahl.

The pair I picked, ‘Hushy’. Light, light wash with pastel water-coloured streaks. Reminds me of a rainbow sno-cone.

Approval from Dani, the event’s star stylist, rocking her distressed aqua Diesels.

For more on Powder – the Diesel Spring/Summer line click here.

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