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Thunder buddies for life

If you’re unhappy with the way things are going (which I was), don’t look at your available options and settle for the least of all evils. Go ahead and do your favourite fucking thing. Figure out what that is because until you do, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It will eat at you, dull you, little by little.

I? Moved in with this guy, Chris Reed.
In New York, New York. Whoop!

For the first time in 3 years, I have my name on a lease. Keys I won’t have to return in a matter of weeks, a mailing address that doesn’t belong to a factory, and a bed. My bed.
I have all my things.
I get to wake up and come home to my very own little version of family.

We had a housewarming party on Canada day.

You can tell this is a social media required household.

We had the pleasure of hosting many a special Canadian guest. Meredith drove across the border for the first time!

Lacee made us couscous salad and Destinee did my nails. No one taught me how to use an old point and shoot camera properly.

There were a lot of pretty ladies like Ioana and Maria and their pretty French friends.

Handsome boy, Rocky Li of Internet Fame. Never not hard.

Goth gurlz.

Post-teen heartthrobs. I found Austin in a Five Guys burger joint holding an American Apparel shopping bag last year.

And because this city is the greatest, I’ve found many more friends and they all dranks beers on our roof.

Come over sometime.

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Big Hunks

If there’s anywhere in the world you’d find a big hunk roaming around with an even more handsome dog, it’d be San Francisco.

Went to Noe Valley for brunch at Chloe’s Cafe to catch up with Randy.

Hoping he could hook us up with some total babes, being one himself.

Big hunks, please.

Instead he just went about being babely in his own right, dazzling my friends with his nifty little Square. Oh yea we ate some pretty good food, too. Croissant French toast smothered in strawberries, omelettes with avocado and Jarlsberg cheese, four sides of bacon, and pumpkin spice pancakes. Mmmm before…

‘n after photes.

Then we wandered around the city hoping to catch someone to share our temporarily happy ever afters.

Figured the Mission was the place to go to find some pretty (dirty fuckin’ hipster) babies. Occupy Soup!

He’s gotta love books

and bj’s.

Be curious.

Be the best.

Book a room for two with the lovebird special.
(P.S. wouldn’t mind holing up with Jeff Canham, whose ‘For The Birds’ exhibit this is from. Like OMG what a babe.)

Be SMRT. I love these.

But alas, we had no luck finding these hunks. Guess we’re not parking our asses here in NorCal anytime soon.

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Celebrating Pride Week at American Apparel’s Chelsea store!

Happy customers

Party on the street. We had the best music on the block.

Congrats to New York for passing equal marriage rights!

Get your own Legalize Gay items. There are still so many states that are not supportive of equal marriage! Come on America!


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