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White Girl Problems by Babe Walker at Milk Studios

Story of my life. I guess I have a ton of white girl problems even though I’m yellow.

Book release party for White Girl Problems by the trio that is Babe Walker. Everyone I know was there so it was a grand slam time.

Milk Studio’s babliest babe, Jessica Conatser.

Ubiquitous. Kept drinking greyhounds redubbed Size Zeros. (But like what if I’m a double zeroooooo… #whitegirlproblems. Jay. Kay. I’m like a size 10. PERFECT 10.)

Justin Bridges tweeted “Reunited and it feels so good” MMHMM!

Most precious duo, Small Girls PR‘s Mallory and Bianca. Ok it’s a party now. Offish.

Chris Reed and Izzy Tuason doing what they do best.

FAKE HIGH FIVING! Well, it’s always fake for Chris because he’s 70 feet tall.

Sigh* bassists… heartthrob, Kyle McCammon, making my heart skip a beat.

B the Great and his Aussie blogger friend, Tom Jackson. Is everything coming up Australian these days? Are Australians the new Asians? (Never.)

Dance party time.

My phone died so I had to stop drunk texting and focus on dancing to Mia Moretti mixes with Susie G.

Who’s ready for a Milk Made fashion week?


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Occulter Exhibition Series:
Ashes // by Jeremy Dyer

Ashes // by Jeremy Dyer will be up at Occulter from now until July 3rd.

Stylist Carrie Weidner at the opening.

Landscape archival prints “seen through a texture of skin, ash and the blackened fuzz of a violent guitar…”

The artist, Jeremy Dyer, and friends.

Crowd spilling out on to the streets.

Keeping cool with complimentary black mezcal laced snow cones.

Chris Reed purveying the prints on sale.

Izzy Tuason [The Dandy Project] and his printed dance shoes.

Love these earrings made by her own mum. Tiny cogs and micro machinery parts.

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