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Dennis Stock at Milk Gallery

The good thing about New York is that so much of it stays the same. You can always expect a good time, good-looking photographs, and even better looking people at Milk Gallery.

Dennis Stock’s collection of photographs featuring icons, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and more is up now at Milk Gallery until the 17th.

I’d take James Deen over Dean any day but boy, what a sight to behold on any given afternoon, eh? Babe, diner, cake. Die.

Speaking of babes, Christine Kohler, Chris Reed, and Milk’s made Jess Conatser.

Fire and ice, Valissa Yoe and Micaela McLucas.

The only person you’d ever want to see in Times Square.

Plus these people, Ali Sky, William Yan, and cute little Coco Daniels.

MUPPETS!!!!! Joel W Henderson

Our new pet, Vesper Wolfe, and I.

In da hood they call me 2phonezzzzzz Chris and the very techy Jiddy Committee.

Joel Eel rolling up ready with a black panther pin and a Muji pen. All set.

Then I bounced with Rocky Li and R2D2 to make some sweet sweet songs.

Stock you on the internet, later.

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Here we are, waiting for the rapture. What started as a sunny Saturday in Manhattan, started getting all kinds of scary. Luckily, we heathens managed to avoid all the rain and wrathiness with our perfect timing.

Tony Leung swagger

Teeny-tiny salt and pepper shakers

Waiting for our brunch to be served at Paprika in East Village.

Eggs Benny for me, of course.

Rocky got the only frothy mimosa. Foammmmmmmm.

Emma and Joy.

Parallel to the dance parade on St. Mark’s. Hella Bolivian dancers.

Look it’s me as a hat.

Figured if we were gonna die, might as well die happy.

AT SHAKE SHACK! Shack stack burger. Love love love me the portabello and cheese deep fried oh yes oh yum die die die.

We survived. Rocky & Bullwinkle <3 <3.

SAVED! Sunshine in Central Park. How’s that for judgement day?

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