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Neither joy nor luck

Things we learn from our mothers. Like how to love.
I was about four when my mother told me that she didn’t marry for love.
That people generally don’t. But that it was just the right time.
Cuz my daddy was an honest man,
from a good family,
he wasn’t going to hurt her.
Cuz he asked and she was nearly 30.

She said “always be with someone who loves you more than you love them.”
She did.
Because to love someone
more than they do you, would be to suffer
and I, her daughter, did not deserve to live a life in pain.

And so I vowed, never to settle for a schmuck I didn’t respect, didn’t ridiculously adore
just to be safe yet unsatiated.

But these men, with all their genius and magic-stry,
I suppose, never wanted to settle with me – the one who’d always pretend
to love him less.

The things we learn from our mothers.

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Tell-all Tuesdays
It’s not easy being

You ask, I tell. Selection of questions posted on Tuesdays.

You have nice tits. I miss you… And them!
Thank you. Who is this? That wasn’t a question!

Do you think you are a slut?
No. I have very liberal sexual values. I also don’t believe in female-specific derogatory terms based on the frequency of sexual partners one has.

What turns you on?
Tall, lanky boys with light eyes and enough hair to grab on to. A sense of cruel humour and a keyboard controller littered somewhere in his bedroom. Never fails. I always manage to find them.

What is the meanest thing you’ve done to someone else?
One morning as I woke up next to a sweet, handsome, successful man that I was dating in the wake of another break-up, I let him hold me. Kiss my shoulder and nestle into the nook of my neck.

Then I said “I’ll never like you.”

I was being honest. 

Sometimes honesty is fucking cruel.

Any regrets?
Not trusting my instincts on men – letting my guard down and getting my hopes up just long enough for them to hurt me.

do you miss toronto?
I miss certain people, places and things about Toronto. I do feel as though it was time to move on from the city, though.

What’s your favourite club in Toronto?
Wrongbar for DJ sets. The Mod Club for bands.

Got a question for me? Ask away here.

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