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Tell-all Tuesdays
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You ask, I tell. Selection of questions posted on Tuesdays.

You have nice tits. I miss you… And them!
Thank you. Who is this? That wasn’t a question!

Do you think you are a slut?
No. I have very liberal sexual values. I also don’t believe in female-specific derogatory terms based on the frequency of sexual partners one has.

What turns you on?
Tall, lanky boys with light eyes and enough hair to grab on to. A sense of cruel humour and a keyboard controller littered somewhere in his bedroom. Never fails. I always manage to find them.

What is the meanest thing you’ve done to someone else?
One morning as I woke up next to a sweet, handsome, successful man that I was dating in the wake of another break-up, I let him hold me. Kiss my shoulder and nestle into the nook of my neck.

Then I said “I’ll never like you.”

I was being honest. 

Sometimes honesty is fucking cruel.

Any regrets?
Not trusting my instincts on men – letting my guard down and getting my hopes up just long enough for them to hurt me.

do you miss toronto?
I miss certain people, places and things about Toronto. I do feel as though it was time to move on from the city, though.

What’s your favourite club in Toronto?
Wrongbar for DJ sets. The Mod Club for bands.

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