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A Coca Cola is three dollars here
and an iced coffee is a coffee with ice cream
but you couldn’t find an

orange mocha frappuccino

even if you had
all the gold coins in the world island

And even though I miss
the love of my life, Albert Einstein,

and you,
the love of my nights,


I’m in no hurry to come home, baby,
cuz Mr. Ocean had it right

Why see the world,


when you’ve got the beach?

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On the 8 digit palindrome that was my 26th birthday, I had a flight from LAX to JFK. Against my ideal intentions, I did not get on that plane. Luckily, I have the best friends in the world so my day turned out from bummer to stellar.

Bouquet of flowers sent to my office from Masha all the way in Toronto! Lovers you forever.

My new whiz kid assistant brought me a red velvet cupcake with a champagne bottle candle. So adorable.

I once read somewhere that it’s important to travel on your birthday. I think you’re supposed to go to some crazy different time zone to change the course of your life or some shit but I couldn’t go that far. Instead, I went on a spontaneous birthday adventure into the desert with Destinee, my lesbian lover for the day.

Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. We were made fun of on the ride over for going to hipster’s paradise.

Can you blame us?

Had our own private little patio.

It said MAKE FIRE and so we did.

Diner dinner

I got my very own one*Z from Destinee. It happened to be Palm Springs gay pride week so we got so many omgcutejumpsuitswheredyugetits. Figured it was the perfect time for us to get away with wearing matching adult onesies around town.

Elephant in the room.

Red velvet cupcake #2! I was like “My favourite!” and she said “Yes, I know, I read your blog.” See guys? There’s a good reason for everyone to keep a blog. So people know your favourite things and them GIVE THEM TO YOU.


Midnight dip time

Pool for just us two and the stars. Perfect.

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