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Thanks given

While you’re probably gearing up for American Thanksgiving, I’ve already had a Canadian Thanksgive’r.
Luckily, I was back home in Toronto in October with so many of my precious babies so I had much to be thankful for.

Little lady bird, Emma.

We wanted brunch and beautiful men. Where else would you go but the gaybourhood?
The food and the patio view at Fire on the East Side was heavenly.

Though, I think these two were already gonna lead me straight there. Trudy Patootie and Candy baby.

Smoked salmon benedict. They serve you banana bread to begin with, and what makes this benedict so scrumptious is the corn bread it’s lain on instead of a crusty English muffin.

Stuffed french toast with cheescake and berry filling. Sausages on the side.

Took the ferry to see the island and show these one and a half American girls what Canada looks like by the water.

This is how we rock it in the T-dot.

Went exploring and sighing at all the charming little island cottages and hiked on a nature trail. Much needed break from all the chaos.

Made us tired and hungwee. Which was juuuuuust right cuz it was my annual Orphans’ Thanksgiving Dinner night!!

Passing on the tradition of turkey dinner at Sneaky Dee’s that I’ve had for the past 5 Thanksgivings!

At first they thought it was just some bullshit grimey dive bar until they finally tasted the meat, tater, and gravy feast.

Way better than their aunt so-n-so’s, I hear.

Also, snickers pie.

So yea, thank you, thank you, and thank you, too!

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