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Will you still love me, tomorrow?

Why does a boy I like read my blog but not talk to me?

Sometimes I ask the questions.

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Why do you think?

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  • Adam

    Maybe he's practicing courtly love? If he ever spoke to you, that would spoil it. But some men really do prefer to leave their women on pedestals. I had a friend like that. Still single at 33.

    Or perhaps he's just an idiot.

  • Raymitheminx

    addicted to you?

  • joeyng

    This is a guy I had briefly dated.

  • Adam

    I think then Mr Pierce is right. He's a little bit afraid of you. You're smart and funny, perhaps he finds that intimidating.

  • kguppta

    Age of the Douchebag. So true.

  • Candis

    i Love Tony Forever and a million years more for finally lifting the fog… or confusing me even more. either way, new perspective is gladly appreciated.

  • joeyng

    I love his take on it. I just don't believe him. I'm going to do nothing. NOTHING.

  • joeyng

    Le sigh*

  • joeyng

    I don't think so. I think he's just not that into me.

  • phronk

    I would talk to you if you just gave me your damn phone number. Gosh.