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A Coca Cola is three dollars here
and an iced coffee is a coffee with ice cream
but you couldn’t find an

orange mocha frappuccino

even if you had
all the gold coins in the world island

And even though I miss
the love of my life, Albert Einstein,

and you,
the love of my nights,


I’m in no hurry to come home, baby,
cuz Mr. Ocean had it right

Why see the world,


when you’ve got the beach?

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Happy Yew Year


I’m in Melbourne, avoiding you, and I’m too busy non-plussed to blog (like ever).
Luckily for me, I’ve got New York’s prettiest young thing, Drex Drechsel, by my side.

I think at one point I said my New Year’s resolution was to be less cruel to the people I love.
Which, I’m pretty sure I’ve already broken.
I’m not a good person, you know that.
You love me anyway.

I have managed, however, to stay pretty nice to Drex, though. Which is why there’s a photo of me and Kiki Li Ricci happily jumping on the bed on New Year’s Eve for your viewing pleasure.

Happy 2013.
Keep it real.

Photo Credit: Drex Drechsel,

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With a little help from my FRENDS

Snapped while walking past the Sydney Opera house wearing my Layla earphones by Frends.

Life has taken me to some pretty strange places and I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t be here without a little help from my friends. Both IRL and otherwise.

A few weeks ago, Keir sent me a DM through twitter asking if I’d like to try a pair from him and his buddy’s new jewelry-inspired headphone line, Frends. I was actually always losing my own iPhone earphones so much that I’d steal Chris’ then I’d lose those and then I’d find myself some terrible cheap plastic ones around Chinatown and misplace them, too. So, I totally said yes, I’d love a pair. I’d already heard about them via friends at Milk and their Frends with Benefits shoot.

It got cold in New York. I started wearing them every day as earmuffs. I wore them every single hour out of the 35 that it took for me to get from New York to Sydney. I’m not just saying this because I got them as a gift, but because I genuinely use them. They’re also beautiful enough that I keep the headphones hanging around my neck most of the time. Pretty much every dude babe I know asks about them – shiny! new! technology! on a girl!

I’ve never even met Keir, in fact, I’ve been internet acquaintances with him for years probably without even really knowing how it came to be. Yet here he is, responsible for an item that I include in my every day armour. Never underestimate the value of social media and the relationships you can develop through taking things offline.

So thanks, Keir, FRENDS, and the world wide webternet. They’ve been a great help.

Layla headphones can be purchased at Apple stores and online.

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