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Joey Ng Toronto April 2015

While I was at Morty’s place, his lovely friend, Brynn, came by and asked us to take part in a project where we’d get our photos taken and answer a bunch of questions as single people to let other single people know that it’s completely ok to be single.

IT’S OK TO BE SINGLE! Did you know?
Morty and I totally did not make any jokes about us being unmarriageble and definitely not any about being forever alone. [yes we did.]

Anyhoo, I eventually found out the project was intended as content marketing for a clothing company that I couldn’t co-sign with but nonetheless, here are my answers.

Read on if you want to know what it might take to get me to co-sign to your lifestyle brand life.

Joey Ng Toronto April 2015

What are you looking for in a romantic partner?

David Letterman. A David Letterman that is also a massive fan of Drake.

How important is being in a relationship to you?

Out of 100, negative correlation to degrees fahrenheit.

What’s your favorite ice breaker (not pick-up line)?

Sliding into my DMs.

Have you ever had a “meet cute”?

Yes. Pretty much the same meet cute, which has happened twice.

What’s the best real-life “meet cute” you can recall?

I saw a hot guy during brunch a few tables away and thought nothing more of it. That night at a bar in the neighbourhood, I walked up to order drinks and he was the bartender. When he left at the end of his shift, he walked behind me and pulled on my hair – elementary school style – the rest is history.

Same thing happened more recently. Intimidatingly attractive guy spotted from afar at brunch. Saw him at a bar later that same day. I knew I just HAD to find an opportunity – and the balls – to talk to him. I’m so so so happy I did.

Tell me about your best/ideal date:

Waking up to a perfect, sunny Easter Sunday at Rick Rubin’s Malibu Ranch, eating Eggs Benny in the garden outside Bob Dylan’s old tour bus, then driving out to the beach listening to old Soul. Sprinkle in lots of booze, making out, and sex throughout the day. That’s a bit of name-dropping but I’d never been anywhere so tranquil, so imbued with history from musical legends that I adore with a man I loved even more.

Seeing a Drake concert where Louis CK is the special guest. With David Letterman. David Letterman holds my hand. Drake serenades me. Louis CK and I wander off into the dawn and discover eugenic methods whereby I can still have his ginger babies even though I’m Asian.

What do you most value in a friend?

The ability to tolerate me at my worst and never, ever, ever leaving our friendship despite me being the worst person ever. Thanks, friends!

What do you most value in a romantic partner?

Magic at kissing.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Smiling at puppies. Puppies smile back.

Which living person do you most admire?

My very own Tiger Mom.

What is the quality you like most in a man/woman?

Extraordinary talent in his chosen field of interest.

What is the quality you like least in a man/woman?

Substance addiction.

Joey Ng Toronto April 2015

When and where were you happiest?

Giggling in bed with my best friend as we took selfles impersonating the dreadful faces that babies have in Renaissance paintings. see:

Photo credit: Brynn Campbell

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I don’t want the small talk

I don’t want a fucking coffee
you should know by now that I don’t drink it anyway
You know me better than this

I don’t need you to fix

I want your bloody forsaken heart
I want your face between my legs
I want your tears before a closed door

I want
I want
I want
I want
I want
I want
I want

you to

touch me
and do it again.

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Prince Farming

I went home to Toronto for a few days and found myself making plans with too many people and then only following through with a few. Morty‘s one of ’em. I’ve known him for a decade. It’s always comforting to be around those who’ve been around before you’ve been around the block. Before the banal, before the baggage, before the blogs.

David Morton Toronto 2015

This vine on his ceiling has been growing for five years and we’ve only just met. Last time I saw anything dangling in his bedroom it was two ladies eclipsed by a closed door.

David Morton Toronto 2015

Now he uses his boyish good looks and Upper Canadian charm to coax salad from seeds. He fed me a kale leaf plucked from the ancient Chinese clay and tilapia rig he’s got because he’s the G.O.A.T.

David Morton Toronto 2015

Know what else is great?

David Morton Toronto 2015

The fact that he gives out free unadultered advice to weirdos.

David Morton Toronto 2015

And since I hear he’s single, maybe he just needs the right one to call.

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Over Easy

It’s been a while since I’ve done a food round up of my favourite breakfast product, the egg.

1. Kokuho Rose Brown Rice Bowl. Sqirl, Los Angeles, California
2. Eggs Benedict. Ordered In By Him, Malibu, California
3. Black Truffle Deviled Eggs. Ghetto Gastro, Long Island City, New York
4. Kewpie Mayo Deviled Eggs. Homemade By Me, Manhattan, New York
5. Poached Eggs, Grilled Lemon, Haloumi, Asparagus. Homemade By Me, Los Angeles, California
6. Sicilian Baked Eggs. The Smith, Manhattan, New York
7. Campfire Breakfast. Big Crow, Toronto, Ontario
8. Udon Carbonara. Marugame Monzo, Los Angeles, California
9. Egg White Omelette, Heirloom Tomatoes, Avocado. Homemade By Me, Los Angeles, California

Missing: every time I’ve ordered just plain egss and bacon. Eggs, over easy.

If you’re hungry for a good time tonight, though, please join me at Over Easy LA.

Good friends Ibe Soliman and Colta will be serving up hot tunes.

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Thanks given

While you’re probably gearing up for American Thanksgiving, I’ve already had a Canadian Thanksgive’r.
Luckily, I was back home in Toronto in October with so many of my precious babies so I had much to be thankful for.

Little lady bird, Emma.

We wanted brunch and beautiful men. Where else would you go but the gaybourhood?
The food and the patio view at Fire on the East Side was heavenly.

Though, I think these two were already gonna lead me straight there. Trudy Patootie and Candy baby.

Smoked salmon benedict. They serve you banana bread to begin with, and what makes this benedict so scrumptious is the corn bread it’s lain on instead of a crusty English muffin.

Stuffed french toast with cheescake and berry filling. Sausages on the side.

Took the ferry to see the island and show these one and a half American girls what Canada looks like by the water.

This is how we rock it in the T-dot.

Went exploring and sighing at all the charming little island cottages and hiked on a nature trail. Much needed break from all the chaos.

Made us tired and hungwee. Which was juuuuuust right cuz it was my annual Orphans’ Thanksgiving Dinner night!!

Passing on the tradition of turkey dinner at Sneaky Dee’s that I’ve had for the past 5 Thanksgivings!

At first they thought it was just some bullshit grimey dive bar until they finally tasted the meat, tater, and gravy feast.

Way better than their aunt so-n-so’s, I hear.

Also, snickers pie.

So yea, thank you, thank you, and thank you, too!

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Tell-all Tuesdays:
Please Don’t askfor

You ask, I tell. Selection of questions posted on Tuesdays.

these look great! did you use film or digital for the i love toronto set?

Film – 35mm Olympus Mju II. A present my mother gave to me when I was 14.

Are you ever going to sing us a song again? I remember you did a lovely version of “I’ll never break your heart” – any plans to record another, perhaps for Christmas?

Maybe Christmas, maybe sooner. I don’t know how I feel about singing online anymore

What is your preferred way to spend a (non-working) day – after sleeping in of course?

Ideally, brunch with friends and a lot of laughing. A bit of shopping followed by a nap. Dinner before seeing a band. Drinking, dancing, and lots of making out.

What is your attitude towards sex? Do you experiment?

1. Try anything once 2. With a trustworthy and willing partner. 3. Enjoy yourself.

Are you happy?

I generally like to answer this question in jest with “I don’t have the time to think about whether I’m happy!”. But if I’m going to be honest, then yea, probably more so than I have been in a while. 

Not to say that my life is all double rainbows and bacon wrapped dates but it’s certainly much more interesting and productive.

drugs, or hugs? Don’t lie princess…


Got a question for me? Ask away here.

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I’d go anywhere
with you.

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All day breakfast

I love Toronto

even when it’s cool and crisp. Babes will still be bicycling, beers will still be patio drunken, sunnies sported like Summer’s still squeezing out some rays.

I love that everyone loves the weird shit that they love, so hard.

Like I love you,

all day breakfast, and


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American Apparel

Here’s a project we’ve been working really hard on during the past few weeks… the AMERICAN APPAREL WAREHOUSE SALE TOUR!

It’s mere hours before we open the doors for our largest one yet in Canada in TORONTO! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store.

This time around we’ve got 38,000 sq feet of shopping space, FIVE TIMES what we had a few years ago. So hopefully we’ll be able to accommodate everyone!

All your favourite basics at up to 90% off.

Tons of new styles! Get there early.

Bodysuits and leggings.

Fall’s taking over and it’s getting a little chilly.

Plenty of blazers and winter jackets to keep you warm!

I bought one of these guys.

Accepting cash, credit, or debit at 20 tills! Sorry, no gift cards or Team Buy vouchers accepted here.
If you make a purchase and sign up for our newsletter, we’ll even give you a coupon to get 20% off at our Toronto retail stores! So if you couldn’t find what you liked at the warehouse sale, you’ll still get a deal with your next purchase.

Bags, belts, and babies clothing oh my!

Looking for a job? We’re hiring!

Offering on-site interviews for positions at our retail stores.
American Apparel is one big extended family. We’ve got employees from Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and all the way from Sydney here to help!! So many exciting opportunities at the company.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Exhibition Place:
Direct Energy Centre – Heritage Court
100 Princes’ Boulevard,
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Thursday, October 6: 9am to 9pm
Friday, October 7: 9am to 9pm
Saturday, October 8: 9am to 9pm
Sunday, October 9: 9am to 9pm
Monday, October 10: 9am to 9pm

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