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Sometimes it’s good to be in California.

It gives you space to breathe

and a lot of time in your car
to get used to being alone
with your thoughts

Are you happy?
Just to be alive?
What are you doing with your day?
And is it enough?

Are you afraid?

Are you in love?
N does he say the right thing
when you wake up in the morning?

Which is always
‘Let’s get you some food’

N if you had a little owl on your shoulder whispering words of wisdom in yer ear
would the owl be whispering
‘Yer doing juuuuust fine’
or would he be whispering
‘It’s time…’

[All photos by Maxime Quoilin]

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Tell-all Tuesdays:
Please Don’t askfor

You ask, I tell. Selection of questions posted on Tuesdays.

these look great! did you use film or digital for the i love toronto set?

Film – 35mm Olympus Mju II. A present my mother gave to me when I was 14.

Are you ever going to sing us a song again? I remember you did a lovely version of “I’ll never break your heart” – any plans to record another, perhaps for Christmas?

Maybe Christmas, maybe sooner. I don’t know how I feel about singing online anymore

What is your preferred way to spend a (non-working) day – after sleeping in of course?

Ideally, brunch with friends and a lot of laughing. A bit of shopping followed by a nap. Dinner before seeing a band. Drinking, dancing, and lots of making out.

What is your attitude towards sex? Do you experiment?

1. Try anything once 2. With a trustworthy and willing partner. 3. Enjoy yourself.

Are you happy?

I generally like to answer this question in jest with “I don’t have the time to think about whether I’m happy!”. But if I’m going to be honest, then yea, probably more so than I have been in a while. 

Not to say that my life is all double rainbows and bacon wrapped dates but it’s certainly much more interesting and productive.

drugs, or hugs? Don’t lie princess…


Got a question for me? Ask away here.

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