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Silver Lake Sprinkle

After brunch, Tony said “Wanna go to a meadow party?” and I was like “Yea!”
So we bought a bottle of $15 wine even though the liquor store clerk really wanted us to buy the $150 bottle.
Stopped to take a few snaps of my princess petticoat.

Life is just better when you try to dress like a toddlers and tiaras toddler.

First time at Silver Lake meadow. Plenty of pretty hipsters on their pinic blankets with their precious babies (OMG babies).

Always carry a wine opener – advice an alcoholic would give.

Thank you fancy lens for giving me legs.

Thank you Marc Jacobs for the extra few inches, too.

Finally got to meet Sophia. Her and her boyfriend are the cutest and they live so close why aren’t we all best friends yet hi call me I will be pestering you on facebook hey whatcha doing for dinner wanna eat how about a drink hi hello do you know any babes?

SPRINKLES ON TOAST. SPRINKLES on errthang it’s Summer who cares?

The group kept growing and growing which meant more treats and more good cheer. Why don’t we do this everyday?

Then Tony bought me a flower from a girl selling them from the middle of the road, she was doing it to stay with her man. Her man carrying a cardboard sign. Anything helps. So I helped by putting it in my hair and gave my last princess’ decree of the day which was get Chinese food at Sam Woo.

Chicken, roast pork, roast duck, and garlic sautéed snow pea leaves.


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