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Red glare

How did you spend your America’s birthday?

Under the sun?

Giving zeros fucks?

Be an ass if you wanna?

Drinkin’? Watermelon?

Wit’cher boys?

and yer girls?

Pucker up

and plant a juicy one on ’em?

Pound it?

To the beat?

Then POP!

goes your weasel?

In her hair?

Laugh out loud?

‘Til you’re pooped?

Bask in the afterglow?

With someone you love?

By the dawn’s early light?

Or the rocket’s red glare?

Whatever you want, baby.

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Destinee Handly
George Lewis Jr.
Adrian Rodriguez‘s backyard

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Thunder buddies for life

If you’re unhappy with the way things are going (which I was), don’t look at your available options and settle for the least of all evils. Go ahead and do your favourite fucking thing. Figure out what that is because until you do, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It will eat at you, dull you, little by little.

I? Moved in with this guy, Chris Reed.
In New York, New York. Whoop!

For the first time in 3 years, I have my name on a lease. Keys I won’t have to return in a matter of weeks, a mailing address that doesn’t belong to a factory, and a bed. My bed.
I have all my things.
I get to wake up and come home to my very own little version of family.

We had a housewarming party on Canada day.

You can tell this is a social media required household.

We had the pleasure of hosting many a special Canadian guest. Meredith drove across the border for the first time!

Lacee made us couscous salad and Destinee did my nails. No one taught me how to use an old point and shoot camera properly.

There were a lot of pretty ladies like Ioana and Maria and their pretty French friends.

Handsome boy, Rocky Li of Internet Fame. Never not hard.

Goth gurlz.

Post-teen heartthrobs. I found Austin in a Five Guys burger joint holding an American Apparel shopping bag last year.

And because this city is the greatest, I’ve found many more friends and they all dranks beers on our roof.

Come over sometime.

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Mindshare LA:
The Vast Blue

Went with Destinee to Mindshare LA’s The Vast Blue event at The Alexandria.

Really great speakers centered around under the sea topics: James Cameron’s Titanic filming expeditions, sustainable sushi, and sea cucumber sex habits!

Destinee was there putting in hours practising nail art.

Little Octopus!! Too cute.

Found Nemo.

Pattern inspiration

Finally my turn to get my nails did!

Fat Joe once said “tattoo in your chest with his name in the middle”… what about his name on my middle finger? Does that still count?

What’s Luv? Got to do, got to do widdit, babe?

Dee, Kirsten, and Daniel Bedingfield. Remember that guy? Remember when Natasha Bedingfield was Daniel Bedingfield’s sister and now it’s totally the other way around? Whappened?

Super Tall Paul is supes amaze. He plays and you listen via headphones only.

Curious Josh, the event photographer, trying hard to get a serious phote of Destinee. Not gonna happen.

We had too much fun trying to make balloon animals and hats. Took a million self-timer shots of us wearing balloon everythings in front of the Range Rover but they all turned out too blurry. Wamp wamp.

So I’ll leave you with this. Huzzah.

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Be Beautiful Project

Avoided Green Day: American Idiots (St. Patrick’s Day) by going to The Be Beautiful Project at Papillion Institute of Art

A group exhibit by contemporary women artists in LA sponsored by Social Butterfly consulting care of birthday girl, Shawanna Davis.

Photos, paintings, video, and a live performance right in DTLA.

Destinee participated as the event’s nail artist.

So amazing to see her doing her thing.

Interested in booking an appointment? E-mail me and I’ll send you her way.

Bumped into my colleague Kris Simms rocking bright yellow with Taye Hansberry from

Taye’s Marni x H&M score.

Destinee even got Taye’s url on her nails!

I got an iPhone recently, while I’m waiting for my custom gelaskin to arrive, I’m eyeing everyone else’s cases. Aja’s leopard print purse case = bling bling money ain’t a thang. LOVE.

Gift bags from Milani cosmetics.

Purple lipgloss. It’s happening.


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